Data Centers

We have been operating in remote and challenging environments where our clients require their systems deployed within a short time frame to meet their operational demands. There are many challenges constructing a datacentre through traditional methods of brick and mortar, such as real-estate, design issues, local regulation, time and cost. Many of our customers are also deploying for short time frames, presenting further challenges with a return on investment by constructing a permanent datacentre structure.

Libya Enlightenment  have recognised these challenges and provide rapidly deployable modular data centres that are highly efficient, customisable and operational within very short time frames. Deploying a pre-constructed datacentre will ensure the physical structure, security, power, HVAC, cooling and network are commissioned to international standards within a timeframe that meets today’s aggressive operational demands.

Our ethos is to partner with our customers and work together through the design phase, all the way to the in-country installation and commissioning of the datacentre environment. This strategy ensures expectations are not only delivered, they are exceeded.