Electronic Security Systems (ESS)

This industry has become ever closer and aligned to the IT and Communications industry with more than 80% of CCTV solutions running on IP based architecture. Albany are well positioned with our strategic partners in both ITC and the ESS industry to design and deliver an effective and resilient CCTV solution that meets our clients every day security requirements.

We can deliver either overt or covert CCTV solutions that are integrated with your access control system and intruder alarm system. We are mindful that many customers do not have the budget to support multiple CCTV operators and the software analytics and alarm based solutions now embedded with our partner products minimise the time required to monitor CCTV footage. The systems offered by Albany are truly proactive security based systems that capture the right information demanded by our customers.

Our certified and experienced staff can design a solution from an initial requirement, all the way through the installation and commission phase, whilst providing SLA based support for your system.