Rwanda with Libyan eyes

Rwanda with Libyan eyes is a documentary that tells the story of the civil war that took place in Rwanda and resulted in the death of one million Rwandans, highlighting and comparing them to the Libyan situation. The documentary consists of six episodes.

the first episode

History and colonialism how the band was split between the Rwandans

the second episode

intervention from the outside

the third episode

The Role of Media

The fourth chapter

the role of religion (clergy) and religious institutions.

The fifth episode

How the reconciliation process took place and the factors taken by the Rwandans.

The sixth episode

Co-existence in Rwanda and in what stage is it today ….

The film featured Libyan characters who were witnesses to this massacre and the conflict.

A number of experts from Libya and the Arab world participated in this work.

Production of Libya Enlightenment for Awareness and Media.