Content creator .... But !!

Content creator… but?

I Seth Godin says I Why waste a sentence saying nothing?

Many of us have enough Ideas to write books that can not be contained by the libraries of the world. But only few of us that can let others choose that one book among thousand others. It

makes us wonder, what could possible make this book different.

We might find the likes of this special book in another form, a song, a video, a photo or even a comedy show.

It is like a “click”, you read certain words, you see certain things or you hear certain rhythm and it fits. It comes silently, grabbing your attention and with no recognized effort, it wins you over when everything else failed.

What did possibly those content creators do that makes them provide such an unforgettable content?

I Maya Angelou — 'The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.'

We see that the more the content is closer to our own thoughts and feelings; the more connected and memorable the content is to us. Creation of content needs inspiration, creativity and an opportunity to create and publish it. It can come to us from direct and indirect ideas, scenarios and thoughts.

I Pablo Picasso — 'Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.'

The more you search and work to find your source of inspiration; the more connected your content becomes to you and to others. We see that many of us can sometimes feel what the content creator is trying to convey. Then, your own creativity can be found in either your words, photographs, speeches or paintings. Simply, by being yourself.

And now, you are stuck in the midst of all the things, having no more than the content that you have worked on so hard. The content of your own inspiration in which no one does it your job better than you. But guess what? It is not only you in it.

What do you do?

How do you find an opportunity that shines in the middle of all those lights?

How to get there?

Do I need a certain kind of help?

Yes...even if you all you need, is what you have created. Because if opportunity doesn't come knocking, create your own door...