Understanding the background of YouTube Platform

YouTube is considered both a social and a media platform. What's more, it is also the 2nd most-used search engine following Google.

Social media has many forms from content communities (e.g., YouTube), social networking websites or blogs (e.g., Facebook), and joint projects (e.g., Wikipedia). In all these programs, content material has been created, updated and maintained by an individual internet user and is further introduced to new users.

The video streaming site ‘YouTube’ is in the Top three most visited websites globally along with Facebook and Google. The “broadcast yourself” concept got incredibly famous and took over the world. There are many years of video data stored in YouTube’s database and constantly retrieved by everyone who has Internet access. YouTube is not just a video storage site, it is a medium for information and a trendsetter in every area of a human life.

YouTube became an alternative television for many people who changed the way of receiving visual information. It is particularly free (there is a paid version called YouTube Red) and it is always available. There is little advertising and you can actually skip ads with one click. Many people have shifted to Internet-based visual media to avoid annoying ads and many people have been watching ads on YouTube for what they need. The new media has shifted people’s interest from brands to shared ideas. YouTube allows watching various videos and channels which might also vary in their content. The video that has the highest number of views becomes mainstream.

What makes YouTube extremely well known and a standard online networking is its performativity. People are receiving what they want and expect from this media platform. YouTube can turn any body into a celebrity after he or she is noticed by the right audience. Take for example Justin Bieber, he gained his popularity after his mother posted a video of his performance on YouTube in 2010. Politicians spread their messages and win the electorate by utilizing YouTube. Debates, promo speeches, campaigns and related events are immediately uploaded to YouTube too.

Throughout its time of existence, YouTube turned out to be a powerful tool for promoting ideas, messages, images, creating memes and setting new trends. YouTube offers business opportunities for viewers that stimulate the development of various channels to meet current demands of the public or create new ones. YouTube can turn one into a superstar and bring immediate success while it can also ruin one’s career in a very short time. I guess this is a cost people have to pay for a chance or a possibility to shoot off to the stars in just a click-away.