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is our thing! we believe in the power of information,

powerful content and the changing ways of

communication that transcends through modern times,

we aspire to havea unique voice and help others find theirs,

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Our Goals

  • Promote interactive content across social platforms.
  • To spread the culture of influential media in our societies.
  • Create opportunities in the fields of technology, design and entertainment.  
  • Encourage and support the creativity of the Libyan creative media.
  • Contributing to the revival of the Libyan identity on a wide scale.
  • Establishing a collaborative network of content creators across Libya and the Mena region.
  • To spread the culture of influential media in our societies.

Our Projects

Find out what we’ve been on to!

Here are some of our featured projects (commercial and non-profit) make sure to have full look on the entire portfolio as well.

Rwanda with Libyan eyes
Rwanda with Libyan eyes is a documentary that tells the story of the civil war that took place in Rwanda and resulted in the death of one million Rwandans, highlighting and comparing them to the Li
Read more.
On The Street
A comedy show based on asking strange questions to people on the Libyan street in a new and innovative way.
Read more.
National Robotics Competition
The First National Robotics Championship –The first national robot contest is the first of its kind in Libya targeting young people and a judging the contesters according to regional stand
Read more.
LT YouTuber Show
LT YouTuber showAnimation carton show: a cartoon personality which is the main personality in Libya enlightenment named (LT)A program of short episodes of different content and not mo
Read more.

Libyan YouTuber

We create a collaborative environment for Libyan content creators and help them in their pursuit to produce substantial online content. our aim is to reach out to young Libyan youtube talents all over the web and build a community of influential interactive internet sensations, we know the struggles a YouTuber might face jumping head first into the big ocean of cat videos, so we took it upon ourselves to gear them up; providing equipment, filming locations, financial management and even legal advice if needed, we just want you to Create!

we just want you to Create!

LT Academy

Because sharing is caring we bring together the best team of instructors to share with you the how-to’s on various topics concerning media and communicating creatively, we pair our experienced trainers with state of the art equipment to deliver the Enlightenment to our students

our students keep up!

aside from creating, we  with others on the how-to’s of Media and Awareness, Lt academy pairs instructors with state of the art equipment conducts classes required with state of the art erding various topics

Lt academy pairs instructors with state of the art equipment

Our Blog

Oh the Blog, if you wanna really know us, this is it, our blog is our little notes and studies room, we archive highlights of our daily process, new discoveries, something we found cool on the internet, it could be a video, an article or useful tutorials, you can also check out some of the behind the scenes footage of various projects we are working on, basically this is a window for you into the world of Lt and one for us to provide you with the latest in the world.

to provide you with the latest in the world

Libya Enlightenment is a leading company operating in Tripoli, Libya. we are working on various fronts in the media scene including technology, filmmaking, design and arts.

We believe in the power of communication to build a better community by constructing cultural bridges, starting conversations regarding various topics to build a better community.

Collectively brainstorming and Translating ideas to solid media concepts  

We aim to have a strong impact in the Libyan media production scene thus increase the level of cultural engagement of youth as well as create opportunities, elevating quantity and quality in Libya’s creative output in general.

We believe in these ideas, these products, and these means that have brought about a great change in the world and made it a better place, and created change and development in the countries and peoples that accompanied this development and were part of it.

Our vision in the Libya Enlightenment is to make Libya part of this change and this development and one of these developed countries and modern societies organized and happy, and improve the economy and raise awareness and educate the people of the importance of these areas and this development.

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